By capturing user activity, Promatum provides your business the opportunity to understand what staff find useful or the products your customers love the most; both with the key benefit of sales improvement for your business.

Promatum is 'xAPI/TinCan Ready', meaning it can be easily configured to push statements to a Learning Record Store (LRS) based on user actions. For example:

  • Joe bookmarked an article
  • Joe watched a video
  • Joe searched for a product...etc

In this way, Promatum is a perfect addition to your online learning system, sitting alongside leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) Totara.

Like Totara, Promatum is built on open source technologies and is open to integration with them or, where an LRS captures all learning activity, the systems can sit side by side.

The 70:20:10 model says “Lessons learned by successful and effective managers are roughly":

  • 70% from tough jobs
  • 20% from people 
  • 10% from courses and reading

In this context successful managers and leaders participate in a content publishing workflow where the 'experience-based' knowledge is stored and shared. This knowledge is then available at anytime of the day - Search and click, it is that easy.